Hi guys,

It's Jaymes here - the founder of JW Podcast all those years ago.

I've now taken back control of the podcast as it was sort of verring off into a direction that I had never envisioned it to. For instance, when I launched JW Podcast, I never wanted it to be a platform where we throw other ex-Jehovah's Witnesses under the bus, but rather a podcast that current and ex-Jehovah's Witnesses could listen to and relate to the things they were listening to.

From this point on, we're going to be looking forward and getting back to the fun stuff!

We'll be recording the new show soon, so stay tuned!



February 17, 2018

S05E13 We Are Fish

In this episode we interview Jonas and Cael, both of whom were born as Jehovah's Witnesses and grew up to discover they were LGBT. They then had the terrible choice of having to naviate the difficult path of deciding if they wanted to remain in a cult they did not believe, or be true to themselves and leave, thereby losing all their family, friends and support network.

February 11, 2018

S05E12 Dubtown

A light hearted look at Watchtower Society and the comedy gold they continue to issue. In this episode you meet my new co-host Chris, and between us we try to convince Kevin McFree, creator of Dubtown, to cast us as lego characters in one of his stories.
Find out what happens to Sister Bonkisha, and whether Beard Fractions are permitted. 
And then go and subscribe to Kevin's brilliant lego series on https://www.youtube.com/c/kevinmcfree


In this episode we hear from a multi award winning education specialist and writer, who clearly describes the kind of damage that is caused to the children, and how their brain development is affected by being raised in a cult environment.
Here are the links to Sam's two articles:



Also mentioned in the podcast are the eight places you might choose to write to in order to highlight the problems of the Jehovahs Witness cult:

Inland Revenue
The police statement for any emotional abuse and neglect
Human Rights Commission
Charities Commission
Child safety departments, for instance Social Services
Investigative journalists

Here is a link to the ACE test Sam mentions:



A fascinating interview with Helen Travers, author of 'A Little Lower than the Angels', who describes how she went from pioneer to prostutute, and how she reclaimed her life again.
She explains how she found the prostitute community way more supportive than the community at Kingdom Hall, and she discusses the many therapies and self help techniques ex cult members can try in order to find happiness and fulfillment after severe trauma.

The link to her book is here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Little-Lower-Than-Angels/dp/1906561869T

The link to her second book which is free online is here: http://ex-jws.boards.net/thread/413/witch-chapters-1-4



Listen to two Child Sexual Abuse survivors, Nick French and Jess, talk about the recent confidential leaked documents from Wathctowers secret files.
Both hosts bring their own cases to bear on the truly appalling story revealed in this fascinating set of 34 documents, and how Watchtower policy and practise perpetuated and encouraged an abusive situation for over a decade.
This show is a must listen as it takes you through the inner workings of Watchtower.


In this podcast we hear from Daniel, who served in the Australian Bethel, on the Hospital Liaison Committee, and around the world on WTS projects after graduating from Ministerial Training School.
He explains to us how he was able to read from the original texts and books quoted in the Watchtower Literature and how this study helped him wake up, as well as the difficult situation he found himself in having to counsel a sister to return to her emotionally abusive husband.
Daniel talks us through his careful exit from the cult after reaching the top of the cult heirarchy.


In this additional podcast to our usual schedule, Neil Gardner and I discuss the protest that happened earlier in 2017 outside the new Jehovah's Witness Headquarters in Warwick New York.
We also launch the UK Protest that we are planning for summer of 2018, which we hope will be the biggest ever protest by members of the cult who have woken up. We talk about the aims and objectives of protest, the legal and respectful manner in which we intend to proceed and the ways we can take the work of the Warwick Regressives and make it bigger and better. With thanks to every single person who was brave enough to stand up to the cult in Warwick, and with special thanks and respect to the brave women who reclaimed their voices inside Kingdom Hall and told their stories.

December 3, 2017

S05E06 The Support Group

Listen to the story of how the ANZ support group was created by Sheree Dubois and how fast it has grown since the Australian Royal Commission started its work.
We also hear about Eddie's own harrowing journey out of the cult, and we find out about the spin off groups including Jacen Walker's ex JW dating group.
Also find out about the comedy cruise being planned, and hear Louise whinge about random stuff (well she is a Pommie).


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