S05E06.5 The Warwick Regressives

December 5, 2017

In this additional podcast to our usual schedule, Neil Gardner and I discuss the protest that happened earlier in 2017 outside the new Jehovah's Witness Headquarters in Warwick New York.
We also launch the UK Protest that we are planning for summer of 2018, which we hope will be the biggest ever protest by members of the cult who have woken up. We talk about the aims and objectives of protest, the legal and respectful manner in which we intend to proceed and the ways we can take the work of the Warwick Regressives and make it bigger and better. With thanks to every single person who was brave enough to stand up to the cult in Warwick, and with special thanks and respect to the brave women who reclaimed their voices inside Kingdom Hall and told their stories.


S05E06 The Support Group

December 3, 2017

Listen to the story of how the ANZ support group was created by Sheree Dubois and how fast it has grown since the Australian Royal Commission started its work.
We also hear about Eddie's own harrowing journey out of the cult, and we find out about the spin off groups including Jacen Walker's ex JW dating group.
Also find out about the comedy cruise being planned, and hear Louise whinge about random stuff (well she is a Pommie).


S05E05 Not Ready to Make Nice

November 18, 2017

In this episode we interview a lawyer in Australia who specialises in obtanining justice for abuse victims in religions including Jehovahs Witnesses, and explains the process involved in taking the Watchtower Society to court.
If you live in Australia you will find out who to phone or email and the process involved in bringing a civil case against Watchtower Society. If you do not live in Australia, all the principles are the same and we would URGE you to contact a good solicitor, and to contact the police.
You deserve justice, and we are NOT ready to make nice.


S05E04 Return of the Irish Fella

November 4, 2017

Listen to the latest Podcast where Neil and I engage in some witty banter while discussing the class action in Canada, the loving blessing from Jehovah of the simplified version of the Watchtower and what that might look like. We also touch on some exciting activism Neil will be participating in at Warwick.


S05E01 Speak Out Edited Version

October 28, 2017

This is the edited version of the original podcast, 'Speak Out'.
We received a complaint from someone who is not Richard Kelly and who is not Lloyd Evans, objecting to the statement that 'Richard bankrolls Lloyd'. Here at JW Podcast we take complaints very seriously, and we feel it would only be fair and reasonable to remove the statement that 'Richard bankrolls Lloyd' from the podcast, despite having no evidence to refute the statement that 'Richard bankrolls Lloyd'.
We have been told verbally by the person who is not Richard and not Lloyd that Richard stopped bankrolling Lloyd in 2014, and therefore we are happy to take it on trust that Richard no longer bankrolls Lloyd.
We have not been contacted directly or indirectly by Richard so we have no idea if Richard is upset by the statement 'Richard bankrolls Lloyd' nor are aware why he might be upset by the statement 'Richard bankrolls Lloyd'. Indeed we have no idea if Richard is even aware that the statement 'Richard bankrolls lloyd' is contained on the Podcast, or if Richard even knows there is a podcast, or who Lloyd is. Or who I am.
We hope you enjoy the new accurate edited version of the Podcast that does not contain any incorrect assumptions that Richard bankrolls Lloyd, and we trust that you will forget you ever heard the statement in the original Podcast.
We at JWPodcast disassociate ourselves from any suggestion that Richard paying border tax to import a car given to Lloyd by someone can in any way be described as 'bankrolling' and we are happy to fully acknowledge that such evidence does not constitute 'bankrolling' in any way, shape or form.
If you have any idea why any of this matters, answers on a postcard please. First out of the hat will win a signed copy of Crisis of Conscience.


S05E03 Rupunzels Awake

October 24, 2017

Listen to the fascinating story of Rachel, the only activist in New Zealand.
Find out how she woke up, and how she made a complicated system in her skirt for hiding leaflets and distributing them at a convention. Also how she turned her car into a mobile billboard and how Jehovahs Witnesses still failed to identify her as an apostate!
This gentle humourous incredibly brave woman shares her story to myself and Lara Kaput in our 'Antipodean Series' of JWPodcast.


S05E02 The ARC makes it mark

October 6, 2017

Listen to all the latest news; from Canada where the very first class action against Watchtower Society has been filed, and from Australia where the Australian Royal Commission has made its mark on changes in the law which will compel Jehovahs Witnesses to comply at last with child safeguarding legislation.
We also discuss to weak response from Watchtower in the form of an elders letter dealinging with how to handle child abuse cases.


JW Podcast S05E01 Speak Out

September 4, 2017

In this episode we discuss some ground rules for how Jehovahs Witnesses can relate to each other in order to support victims of child sexual abuse. We also discuss the issues around the legal rights vesus ethical and moral considerations when relating to each other on social media sites.


JW Podcast S04E02 - The C Word

March 24, 2017

In this second episode of season 4, Louise, Bill, and Jaymes interview Jon Atack, the published author who wrote A Piece of Blue Sky and Opening Minds. Jon was a Scientologist, and so the gang takes a look at the parallels between the Jehovah's Witnesses and Scientology with Jaymes reading a 3 minute elevator pitch on what Jehovah's Witnesses believe. The team also takes a look at Russia's decision to ban Jehovah's Witnesses, which sparks a debate on whether the government is wrong or right in taking this action. Jaymes also announces a new website, JWSoapbox.com, and tells Louise what colour stockings she should wear to a party she's about to go to. All in all, a fun show!


JW Podcast S04E01 - The Take That Reunion

March 12, 2017

Jaymes, Louise and Lloyd are back to launch the brand new season of JW Podcast! In this season opener, the team take a look at the Australian Royal Commission, March 2017's JW Broadcasting Show, and delve deep into the 2017 Yearbook.