For this episode, JW Podcast hosts Patricia, Lloyd, and Louise discuss the Jehovah’s Witness judicial process with special guest Gordon, aka Toledo Squad. Jehovah’s Witnesses insist that their disciplinary system is fair, loving, and reasonable, but Gordon’s riveting story reveals what all too often happens when elders decide that a member of their congregation needs “spiritual help.”

This episode sees Patricia, Louise, and Lloyd joined by the brilliant Ryan Bell, who transitioned from Seventh Day Adventist pastor to atheist and Founder of Life After God during last few years. They discuss the process of finding one's way in the world after making a break from the religion that defined them, and they compare and contrast some central JW and SDA beliefs, practices, and common origins.
Afterwards, the hosts delve into some phenomenal listener voicemails. Finally, Lloyd provides an update on his endeavors with the UK Charity Commission, and Louise gives details on a new public pressure group starting in Canada.
Patricia, Lloyd, and Louise are joined by Brett Griffin-Young for a discussion about parenting: how it is approached by Jehovah's Witnesses, the way a JW upbringing affects people born into the religion, and the challenges and rewards of raising children as ex-Jehovah's Witnesses.
Afterwards, in the newest Fun with Fallacies segment, the hosts examine the "argument from ignorance/God of the gaps" fallacy, including how to spot it in JW rhetoric and how to move past it toward a more productive debate. Finally, Louise updates us on her recent foray into peaceful activism on the local Kingdom Hall level, and Lloyd shares some news on a letter he submitted to the UK Charities Commission.
Happy Holidays from JW Podcast! Lloyd Evans faces off with Deborah Frances-White in a debate for the ages. They tackle the question "Are the Governing Body cynical or deluded?"
Listen to each side present very convincing arguments, with Patricia as the informal moderator. The team examines the possible motivations of the current Governing Body, analyzing Ray Franz' take on the subject, the way the current members address 1914, and the GB approach towards higher education, among other things.
Patricia, Louise, and Lloyd are in a discussion of the findings released earlier this month for the Australian Royal Commission. We break down the Senior Counsel's conclusions and analyze the infuriating rebuttals by Watchtower's slick lawyers. We also talk about a bombshell news piece on Jehovah's Witnesses released in Portugal, and GB member David Splane's baffling attempt to discredit the reporter at the helm. Finally, we answer assorted questions from listeners.
You can find downloadable PDFs of the Australian Royal Commission findings here:,-july-2015,-sydney.aspx
You can find the Friday Column about the Portuguese news documentary here, with links to the videos:
Pierre Burmester's All Along the Watchtower video playlist is available here:
Any exJWs in Australia or New Zealand who have recently woken up as a result of the Australian Royal Commission and who are seeking support can send an email to:

Patricia, Louise, and John Redwood are joined by Ruben Ortiz, the head administrator of Ex-Jehovah's Witness Recovery Group 3 on Facebook, to discuss how Jehovah's Witnesses and newly-exited members often react when they are faced with tragedies and upsetting world events.

They touch on the difference between true altruism and Watchtower-motivated "helping," and they examine whether things really are getting steadily worse on the world scene, as Watchtower leaders would like followers to believe.

They also talk about how important it is for the newly-woken-up to objectively research the organization and connect with other ex-members.

Patricia, Lloyd, and Louise discuss the massive leaked document that came down from Bethel about a week ago. We debate the purpose of head coverings and try to determine why you can be censored for giving your pet a blood transfusion, but if you want to celebrate your birthday, the most you will get is some gentle Biblical counsel. We also listen to several voicemails and weigh in on each.

The JW Podcast gang talk about the latest "Tight Pants" law Watchtower has issued and then discuss exJW activism and how everyone can have their own voice. Jaymes reveals some news too.


We reveal that the Theocratic Ministry School has been sent to the scrapheap. We also take a closer look at other Jehovah's Witness cost-cutting ventures and interview Daniel Genser.


Have you ever wondered just how similar the Jehovah's Witnesses and the Scientologists are? In this Jehovah's Witness podcast episode, we interview former Scientologist, Chris Shelton. Chris lifts the lid on the Scientologist beliefs and we look at how similar all cults truly are in this episode.


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